She screams,
tears streaming down her face.
His gloved hands join in pray
eight hour battle concludes.
Her first taste of victory.

She screams,
a smear of blood winks
as she masters the wheels.
The hard way
The boyish way

She screams
holding the pink card
in her trembling hands.
Happiness leads to sorrow
A lesson learnt,repeatedly.

She screams,
along with hundreds.
Scroll and freedom in hand
Eyes twinkling in delight
as flashes capture her joy.

She screams,
it fits her perfectly.
She looks a goddess in white
He smiles shyly at her beauty
Together forever,finally

She screams,
gripping the steel bars,
her knuckles turning white.
Pain climaxes into happiness.
Another lesson learnt

She screams,
“Joey,get off the net. Now!”
Minutes turn into years.
Limbs lengthen,hairs gray.
They are alone once again.

She screams,
They are taking him away.
Her tired,old heart,well used
cannot bare the pain.
She too,is taken away.

She screams,
but this time it’s much younger.
Was it her daughter?
Her grand daughter?
No one sees. No one knows.



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