Love Evolves.

“Where did you guys meet?”
A simple question.
My heart stops.
My lips hesitate.
For a split moment,
shame prompts me to lie.
“Where exactly did we meet?”
How can I say the truth?
That our love,
was conceived,
was birthed,
was nurtured,
amidst algorithms.
That it saw the world,
through computer screens.
She will smile,
judging at heart,
our approach to love.
Only we will know,
how we held hands,
through touch interfaces
and keyboards.
She will smile,asking
“So you liked his photo?”
How did I love an image?
A single moment,
of frozen clarity?
Just as Prince Charming,
fell in love,
by looking through the glass box,
at Snow Whites beauty.
I answer her.
Gripping his arm tightly.
For now I know,
when I look at him,
that he is one to my zero
and that
Love evolves with time.



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