The Cliff Jump

“Push him off”
I know,
Sounds rough.
That’s my dad,
he’s the best of the best,
an eagle in his prime,
You can say.
My brothers shiver,
lined up behind me.
The lake looks tiny,
under our cliff.
“C’mon boys,
take courage”
My mom looks on,
scared for all of us.
Her feathery hair,
dances in the wind,
keeping its rhythm,
with our beating hearts.
One by one,
we jump off the cliff,
into the murky depths.
Everyone sees,
how we catch the wind,
under us.
A smooth glide down,
to the waters.
It’s lucky that,
no one sees,
my dad’s silent tear,
behind us.
Giving us strength.
After all.
He is an eagle
in his prime.