I have seen him naked.
He was shy at first,
a fleeting blush,
betrays his ebony skin.
He undressed slowly,
one stubborn layer at a time
rewarding my patience.
I could see his hesitancy
as his fingers muddled
refusing to expose his secrets,
the scars on his being.
Then,there he was.
His perfect contours,
nestled his unseen wounds,
from the day she left,
from the day his brother left.
His strong muscles,
protected his soft parts,
from unbearable pain,
from hidden dangers.
Never did he let anyone see.
Never before.
But, I have seen him naked.
For he has seen me too



Fatally Flawed

Us humans are a funny kind,
We live on earth for you to find.
Mountains,cliffs and seas separate us,
About which we never tend to fuss.
For when we put our minds to work,
We can easily achieve many a perks.

There’s not a beast to challenge the man,
Upon whose arrival even the mighty ran.
Concrete and land is his preferred shelter,
His creations spread out helter skelter
Working miracles with his humble brain
Earth resources men happily drain

Yet no one sees his fatal flaw
Mans persistent want for more and more
His kid is kept under lock and key
The jailer heart won’t let it free
So the human minds boundless proportions
Are in the shackles of his own emotions.


The Forbidden Love

Sapphire eyes gleam in the dark,
catching an unseen light.
I hope no one else sees.
Climbing through the window,
you pad silently,
almost feline like,
towards my bed.
I put out my hand,
touching your warmth.
Your calm resolution breaks
scattering into a million pieces.
You purr,desiring more.
But I stop you.
I have to,
For ours is a forbidden love,
For your adoration weakens me,
suffocating the very air out of me.
Turning away disheartened,
like a child denied of sweets,
you leave as you entered,
Letting the darkness swallow you.

I wrote this poem for my two cats..yes my cats!
I am severely allergic to them so my mom doesn’t let me cuddle them…I know pathetic! But I love them dearly…so they are in a way my forbidden love..hope you enjoy!!



Winged Fury

Perched on a branch
she waits…
Tiny eyes hawklike
Living proof of bravery
in it’s varied shapes and sizes.
The clear blue sky
her battlefield
and her nest,
with its tiny subjects,
her kingdom.
No one dares cross her.
She,the little warrior.
The winged fury.


I Got Lost In The Dating Pool

I Got Lost In The Dating Pool

So true!!

Half and Half

clip_image0011 Caution: Enter At Your Own Risk

You know, that unfathomable abyss full of unknowns, what are we’s, and should I’s?  That God awful place in life where no one really knows if you’re out to dinner because of a mutual interest or because the end result is a hopeful bang.

Yeah, welcome to the dating pool.  Put on your best swim suit, get in the water, and Marco Polo your ass over to the deep end.  You may find what you’re looking for, or you may just want to hold onto the wall for a while until you know it’s safe to start looking.

First off, you’re going to want to utilize the buddy system.  There is no substitute for an effective wingman in the dating pool .  You’ll need that guy or girl to help when you’re drowning in guilt, self-doubt, and with the all too familiar life question, “should I text him…

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