The Forbidden Love

Sapphire eyes gleam in the dark,
catching an unseen light.
I hope no one else sees.
Climbing through the window,
you pad silently,
almost feline like,
towards my bed.
I put out my hand,
touching your warmth.
Your calm resolution breaks
scattering into a million pieces.
You purr,desiring more.
But I stop you.
I have to,
For ours is a forbidden love,
For your adoration weakens me,
suffocating the very air out of me.
Turning away disheartened,
like a child denied of sweets,
you leave as you entered,
Letting the darkness swallow you.

I wrote this poem for my two cats..yes my cats!
I am severely allergic to them so my mom doesn’t let me cuddle them…I know pathetic! But I love them dearly…so they are in a way my forbidden love..hope you enjoy!!




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