A sword without it’s blade.

Hours pass swiftly
but the minutes are slow.
Dragging painfully
his mind to thought.
Their juvenile pranks,
the battles fought,
their permanent ranks
Or so they thought.
Armed to the teeth
their experience naught.
Attempting great feat
Sometimes they united
against a common foe.
As their interests collided
because they wanted more.

The battlefield is silenced
as one opponent falls.
Screams of the wounded
paints the white palls.
Years have passed
since the last Great War.
But his enemy remained
Still shaken to the core
A warrior without his enemy
A sword without it’s blade…




Nigel was an executive in a big-shot firm. He was young,good looking and rich. He lived in a luxury house and had an active social life. You could find him frequenting not only local high end hangout spots but also Facebook,Twitter and Insta. His before mentioned house had a ten foot tall brick wall. So trespassing was quite impossible.Nigel had just bought a new entertainment system that day . Including a seventy inch LED smart TV and surround sound system. He posted a picture with the caption “my new baby” on Facebook. He was ecstatic because he received almost 900 likes for the picture.
Like any rich twenty something year old he drove a flashy red sports car of the Benz variety. It was fully tinted of course. So that no one could see whether he’s actually in his car or not. He thought it added mystery to his character. Yet he had this habit of posting status updates each time he left for something or returned home from another. That day Nigel left early in the morning. His status read “off to the gym to work on my abs.” From this he hoped to broaden his female friend base.
He was sure that his house was safe. After all it did have a state of the art burglar alarm system with a 10 character pass code which he only knew. He used the same code as his Facebook and Twitter passwords just in case he forgets. It read “nigelrox@8”

By the time he got home from the gym it was all gone. His TV , sound system and many other valuables. The entire house was stripped. But there was not a cop in sight,because the burglar alarm hasn’t gone off. The thieves had punched the code and just walked in. Nigel stared at the mess in disbelief. He’d better call 911. Oh wait he thought this would be an epic Insta moment, snapping a picture.