You watch me silently,
as I walk next to you.
at every move I make.
Waiting for me to stumble.
Your eyes sparkle.
Your hands tremble.
As I fall,
anger seeps into your heart.
It numbs your senses.
It clouds your mind.
You lose control as it spews.
Spews from your lips.
Word after word.
Pinning me to the ground.
Crushing me with their weight.
You see the tears in my eyes.
You hesitate.
Yet you continue.
Words tattooing my mind.
I lay wounded on the ground.
Weak and broken.
You finally stop. Triumphant.
Breathing hard.
What follows is a miracle.
Helping me up you smile.
Your voice soothing me.
Your hands dusting me.
You tend to my wounds lovingly.
I recover fast.
After all the fall was my fault.
We resume our steps.
You continue watching me,
like a hawk.
Waiting for me to stumble.