Raindrops,cold and hard

stoned her body. 

She was being punished

she thought. 

Let it wash away,

wash away the sins,

wash away her smell,

wash away her love. 

Memories flash. 

Memories of flesh,

lust and greed. 

She was alone now. 

Yet she could feel them. 

They were staring. 

Moments of pleasure,

overpowered by guilt. 

They can see her. 

She was of the faith. 

Hands used to pray,

had held her breasts. 

Had she gone astray? 

Who was she to chose?

They were almost one. 

The saviour who taught her to love

The lover who saved her. 



Key and Key

He was told 

at a very young age

that when he’s old

he will marry. 

He’ll have a wife

and children,

a perfect life

to live in. 

Now he’s grown

into a man. 

Everything worked 

to the plan. 

He was a key

for the world 

to see,

to admire. 

No one knew,

his secret. 

His wife sometimes 

felt it. 

That the love of his life,  

was another key!