The wedding. 

Hues of white and purple,

soft flowers and lace. 
Ladies laden in gold,
Sarees hugging their waists. 
The ceremonial chantings
precede the dance beats. 
A western take
on an eastern ritual. 

Perfectly parted hair,
jewelled by the sun and moon. 
Her reflection flawless. 
Her expectations endless.
He was so handsome,
They’d have beautiful children. 
They said. 
Her parents promised 

The suit clung to him,
forcing the air out of him. 
His life’s story,
written by those around him. 
She was sweet and innocent. 
She might never know. 
He liked her enough,
but love her,he did not.

They danced under the lights. 
Yet their lives would be dark. 
Every time she looked at him,
his eyes were averted. 
Sweeping the crowds. 
She followed his eye. 
A pair of tear filled eyes,
stared back from the crowd. 

Three heart broke that night. 
A woman,a man and a man.  



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